We’re very proud to announce that we have been appointed to organise the Engineering Challenge Cup (ECC) 2018. 2018 will be the event’s 25th anniversary and we expect it to be another spectacular reunion of sailors and friends, this time in Sardinia and Corsica, one of the most beautiful sailing grounds in the world.

We expect to be a fleet of 55 boats size 40ft – 54ft, gathered in Marina di Portico, which will be our starting and ending point. We are also pleased to announce that Franco Pistone will be our Race Officer. We have partnered up again with Renato Azzara and the team of Sardinia Yachting Services (SYS), our local gurus, in order to make sure the ports are ready for us and evening entertainment is fantastic. As always, they will make sure we taste the best of Sardinia.

Important dates:
03/07/2017 Destination announcement
30/07/2017 Closing of the entry list
Early September (TBC) – Publishing of the Boat List / Allocation of the boats
End September (TBC) – Recce trip
06/05/2018 – 12/05/2018 – ECC 2018, Portisco – Portisco

Proposed Route (TBC):
DAY 1 (Saturday) – Portisco – Registration, Check-in, Welcome Party
DAY 2 (Sunday) – La Maddalena town
DAY 3 (Monday) – Bonifacio
DAY 4 (Tuesday) – Porto Massimo
DAY 5 (Wednesday) – Poltu Quatu
DAY 6 (Thursday) – Porto Cervo (25th Anniversary Party at YOU MARINA Restaurant)
DAY 7 (Friday) – Portisco – Check-out , Prize Giving Ceremony and Gala Closing Party

29 September – 5 October – We have just had a great recce trip in Sardinia and Corsica. A big thank you to the local partners for their ongoing support: Portisco Marina, Charter Companies, Matt’s and Aqua Marine, La Maddalena town, Bonifacio, Poltu Quatu and YOU MARINA in Porto Cervo. I would also like to thank Renato Azzara of Adelazia Foundation and his team for their great support and enthusiasm about the ECC’s 25th event. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon again.

OCTOBER 2017 – The boats have been allocated to the skippers:
Group S – 4
Group M – 14
Group L – 19
Group C (Commodores / previous winners) – 12

JANUARY 2018 – Happy New Year to all our participants, support team and our local partners! We look forward to seeing you all in May! We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the this extraordinary sailing event. We are working with our local partners and valuable sponsors in making this event a truly special one!

MARCH 2018 – We have just returned from our final visit before the event. Preparations are in full motion in Sardinia. The boats are gooing back into the water for the final preparations. The venues are doing all the necessary preparations for us. We met with the team from the restaurant YOU MARINA. They will be hosting our 25th anniversary party and we are looking forward to this evening very much. This is a team of great professionals full of enthusiasm. We are in good hands. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank VIGNE SURRAU (www.vignesurrau.it) who will sponsoring the wine for our 25th anniversary evening. The participants are in for a real treat!

APRIL 2018: The Logbook is out: ECC 2018 LOGBOOK

MAY 5 – 12, 25th Engineering Challenge Cup (ECC), Portisco – La Maddalena – Bonifacio – Porto Massimo – Poltu Quatu – Porto Cervo – Portisco


BOAT 80, Giorgio Morabito
A great, great thank to you, as usual, able to “conduct” this multi players orchestra at the best for a great symphony execution.
Thanks again from Boat 80

BOAT 16, Jack Barnston
‘And a HUGE THANK YOU to you, Sasha.  I don’t think ECC could function without your perfect organisation. We arrived in Olbia in pouring rain on Thursday 3rd, and left by ferry from Santa Teresa in a thunderstorm with torrential rain on Tuesday 15th.  All the Monday ferries had been cancelled because of strong winds.  We were incredibly lucky to have a full week of perfect sailing weather for ECC. Regards, Jack’

‘Hi Sasha, 
Well, the whole ECC was brilliant. Thank you. The party in Porto Cervo was amazing. Loved the saxophonist! The silhouette guy was a brilliant addition, he was a lovely person to talk to. 
The weather was great, it’s turned stormy since, so we were really lucky.
Thanks to Eva too for all her hard work. 

BOAT 75, Michael Plauser, OSRAM
‘Dear Sasha,
what a fantastic week we all enjoyed in Sardinia with the ECC sailors! Thanks again for the great support from your side but also from Eva & Dave. I know many things are running “behind the scene”, but need to be done to keep the show running – and those are usually the most time consuming ones… We enjoyed such great sailing conditions this year.
… Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you again & I am looking forward to receive the pictures … Have a wonderful weekend & stay in touch and best wishes from crew75!
Cherish every moment, Michael’

BOAT 35, Angelo Ottaviani
‘… Thanks to everybody for the wonderful week, we have  been very lucky with a perfect weather! And the superb dinner at Porto Cervo! Great thanks to Maike and the Commodore, Sasha (you are always special!), Sergio and his team!!!
Sincere compliments to Martin and his crew and our best wishes for the organization of the ECC 2019! And at the end, thanks to all my friends of ECC, that are many and precious and make the ECC so unique!
A big hug. Ciao, to next year.

BOAT 8, Allard de vos Klootwijk
‘Dear Sasha,
Thank you and your team for your great contribution in organising the Engineering Challenge Cub 2018 in Sardinia. The boat was in good condition and it has been a pleasure to sail with it. The various locations were nice places to visit and they were well selected to accommodate such a fleet and its crew members. Regards, Boat 08′


Sardinia has been one of my favourite sailing destinations since 2008 and I am so happy that we experienced it this year in its full glory, as we had hardly dared hope it would be. The weather was just fantastic and it allowed us to visit all the places we booked. But more importantly, it gave you the opportunity for some fantastic sailing every day!

Congratulations to MARTIN FORDHAM and his team from Boat 24, the new winners of the ECC event!  Their usual fantastic performance has this time taken them to victory. There is a busy year ahead for them, but an exciting one too. I wish them the best of luck with the organization of the ECC 2019 event.

I would also like to congratulate Martin and his crew for winning the JOSE MIGUEL MARTINEZ race! For everyone, this race will keep alive the memory of a dear friend and dedicated sailor, Jose Miguel, who died in a tragic accident at last year’s event.

Congratulations, too, to PETER BISCHOP and the crew for winning the Commodore’s Cup!

I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to a number of people who have, for me, made this event possible and special:

– To Berthold and Maike for appointing us to organize ECC 2018. It was a new experience for Maike in particular, but she took it in her stride and gave up on her personal projects in order to devote most of her time to helping Berthold with the organisation. The outcome was a great event and I am sure they both feel very proud of it.

-To our support team: Race Officer, Franco Pistone and Sergio from Boomerang with his team: Massimo, Gianni, Mario, Didi and Matteo. We unfortunately ended up with mistakes in the results and the ratings that were not satisfactory. It is certainly something that has to be considered when organizing the next ECC in the areas that are not supervised by Alen Kustic. However, this team has worked incredibly hard, both on the sea and on land and, I believe, they have done a fantastic job on the field. Their local knowledge of the area allowed for some great daily courses. I am very grateful for their support.

–   To my UK support team: Eva, who has been looking after the skippers throughout the year, making sure everything was ready for the start of the event. And Dave who has been a fantastic help during the ECC week again this year and has become an essential part of my ECC support team.

–    We had a lot of support from our local partners too, some would have been obvious to you all, but others, equally important, were very much at the background: Cristina and Renato from Sardinia Yachting Services were fantastically helpful with organizing moorings in most places as well as the event in Porto Massimo and with the daily bread for the last part of the event. Charter companies were, I believe, professional, and worked hard to deliver good boats to the participants. The restaurants of Portisco and Porto Cervo hosted great evening parties!

– This year we had great entertainment too! Kamau Georges behind the saxophone impressed us all, DJ Max got us dancing with some excellent music and Charles Burnes showed fantastic talent in the silhouettes cutting. I hope you were impressed by those artists.

– The sponsors have made the event even more fun with their generous donations and everyone appreciated it a lot. Their support is really essential to the event.

– And finally, to all of you ECC participants who are always welcoming, friendly and appreciative of the organization that we do for you. It was great to see so many familiar faces and friends again this year and to meet new ones. We’ve got many great memories to be treasured.

Please keep in touch. I wish you all a great year ahead and I hope to see you again soon.
All the best